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Our latest therapy articles

How To Rebuild Trust In a Relationship

Rebuilding trust in a relationship can be daunting and challenging, but it is possible. It requires patience, effort, honesty, transparency and vulnerability from both partners

Can You Fix a Broken Marriage?

Many couples face the daunting challenge of repairing their marriage after it has been damaged by conflict, mistrust, or external pressures. Amidst the rising divorce

Experiences of Workplace Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common occurrences in the workplace, so it’s not surprising that many employees are constantly coping with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Workplace anxiety happens when you feel stressed, overloaded, and anxious whenever you’re at work or while you’re thinking about work.

EMDR Therapy and How It Works

EMDR therapy has helped millions of people to treat PTSD, depression, psychological stress, and anxiety. EMDR is an extensively studied form of mental health therapy.

How To Become a Counsellor in BC

For some, becoming a counsellor has been a life-long calling that has been beckoning to them since their childhood, while others find themselves drawn to

How to Manage Stress And Anxiety Better

Managing stress is difficult when you also have an anxiety disorder. Many people conflate anxiety with stress, but they’re not the same thing. In fact, they’re

Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

In 2013 11.6 percent of Canadians (three million people) reported that they had an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a clinical condition in which the individual affected is extremely

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