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Family Counselling

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Family Therapy - Become a Stronger Family

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Families are the root of togetherness and at times the most powerful impact on our lives. When families are affected by turmoil all members of the family may feel an impact.

Family therapists work with the family system and the relational patterns of interaction within families. This type of counselling views problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting, as opposed to viewing problems as residing in the person.

You may be a new parent, parents to teenagers, facing conflict with you father /mother, having issues with a recent addition to your family or cramped together during stay-at-home orders. 

No one has given you instructions on how to deal with these presenting issues. And we are here to help you foster cohesion and communication among family members.

At Well Beings Counselling our therapists can help you learn the reasons and create a plan as well as give you effective tools and techniques to manage your family conflict. 

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Stop yelling, hiding, and blaming. family counselling can help.

Families can be terrible at listening to one another and the rifts can last for years. In family therapy, we can help shift the paradigm from individual tugging (how can we meet everyone’s needs?) to group contributions (what does the family need?).

In our therapy offices in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Toronto, we have trained family therapists with backgrounds in education and child services, which enables us to assess a family’s needs across a range of potential issues and make recommendations accordingly.

Regardless of its Cause, Family Therapy Can Help

We believe families function as a sort of system. When one family member is struggling, everyone is. But the reverse is also true: We can help everyone in the family by engaging everyone in the therapy. If part of the system grows, everyone grows.

You can tell us your family struggles and we’ll let you know how we can help you. Book a free consultation today.