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Overcome Trauma With EMDR therapy...Intensive Trauma Therapy

We are certified EMDR Therapists in Coquitlam, helping you to find your voice and take control over your emotional well-being.

Are you struggling with disturbing memories, nightmares and flashbacks? Do you feel ashamed of what happened and wonder if you are to blame?

When an individual is emotionally overwhelmed by a traumatic event, the brain cannot process information as it normally does, and the emotion becomes “stuck.” The act of remembering triggers a “fight or flight” response.

The resulting memories of sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, and emotions can feel as intense as when the traumatic event actually occurred.

Such upsetting memories can have a profoundly negative impact on the way an individual sees the world and relates to self as well as others.

Is EMDR Therapy Right for Me?

According to the EMDR International Association, EMDR can be used to address the following conditions:

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What is EMDR?

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an alternative to traditional talk therapy that can provide rapid relief from stress and anxiety caused by overexertion, traumatic experiences, or disturbing life events.

It is a phased, scientifically validated psychotherapy approach based on the theory that present distress is generally due to disturbing events that have occurred in the past.

When an individual has unresolved memories about such traumas, they are unable to naturally process and integrate them within the central nervous system.

It doesn’t matter what you are struggling with: EMDR therapy in Coquitlam can help.

There is a path to healing

While we can’t offer guarantees, here’s WHAT WE CAN OFFER…

Highly skilled therapists helping people like you resolve troubling feelings, thoughts, and experiences that may be plaguing you day and night.

Like many of our clients, you have likely been struggling for some time before you landed at our therapy website.

We’d like to help you solve your problems. If life is stressful for you, now is the time to seek counselling.

Waiting likely won’t improve your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

EMDR focuses on the brain's ability to constantly learn, taking past experiences, and updating them with present information. 

Adaptive learning is constantly updating memory network systems. 

Past emotionally-charged experiences often interfere with your updating process.

EMDR breaks through that interference and helps you let go of the past and update your experiences to a healthier present perspective. 

EMDR uses a set of procedures to organize your negative and positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts, and 

No. During EMDR processing, you are present and fully in control. 

Yes, you may. Emotions and sensations may come up during processing; although, you will be prepared and your therapist will help you safely manage them. Once they are processed, they rarely come back!

EMDR, as with all treatment approaches, will help you accomplish your treatment goals.

The length of time it takes is dependent on the complexity of your problems. 

Frequently, EMDR is only one of several treatment approaches that will be used to help you reach your treatment goals. 

The sooner you get help, the sooner you’ll be on your way to enjoying a more relaxed, stable and enjoyable life. Call us today at 604-305-0104

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