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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in Toronto

CBT Therapy is taking an active approach to change your mood by recognizing the patterns in which you are thinking and making a conscious effort to alter them.

CBT focuses on the relationship between one’s thoughts, behaviors and emotions. If you experience low mood that is at least partially fueled by negative thoughts about your competence or self-worth for example, CBT can help to provide a solution tailored just for you.

One of the most fundamental ways in which we can influence our mood is through how we talk to ourselves. This dialogue often manifests itself as what I think, or my inner voice. CBT helps us change this mental conversation so that it improves one’s self-esteem and well-being.

You may be feeling like there is a long journey ahead to feeling better. The good news is that CBT approaches are both short term and focused on making you your own counsellor. Our goal is to help you get there.

As Psychotherapists in Toronto, we can help you overcome symptoms like these:

Psychological Disorders Treated:

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CBT Therapy is a useful tool for:

We offer individual therapy programs that focus on your symptoms and help you reinforce the values in life which are most important to you. Programs can be both flexible and portable, depending on what works best for each client.

It is not only science that leads to success in CBT; there are many creative aspects as well such as using different objects and visuals during sessions. It’s also essential that these strategies be practiced consistently outside the session so they can become ingrained habits when faced with anxiety triggers again later on down the road.

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