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Trauma Counselling Kelowna

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Trauma Counselling in Kelowna

Heal From Trauma And Find Relief From Distressing Events

Is your past every day? We expect our past to stay just that in the past, but sometimes events are so difficult to accept or comprehend that our past won’t leave us alone

At Well Beings Counselling we strongly believe that psychological trauma is at the root of many psychological and emotional disturbances. Many survivors of traumatic experience are aware of symptoms that are causing persistent distress.

We are experts in the assessment and treatment of all forms of trauma:

Traumatic Experiences That Our Kelowna Trauma Therapists Treat

Well Beings Counselling in Kelowna offers one-on-one professional grief counselling for adults, teens. Individual, couple and family counselling sessions are available by appointment.

Sessions are designed to help clients discover healthy ways to express their trauma and offer coping skills to help them navigate their unique traumatic experiences.

With the therapy methods we use – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)EMDR, MBAT, and Lifespan Integration you can alleviate most, if not all, of your symptoms of worry, fear, and angst.

Trauma may impact every area of your life, but it doesn’t have to define you. We offer individualized treatment to help you manage trauma-related challenges and improve your relationships.

Find Relief With Therapy

Our childhood trauma therapists, we understand you and… we have what it takes to help you become free of your troubling and painful symptoms.

As counsellors in Kelowna, we can help you overcome these symptoms.

You can tell us your struggles and we’ll let you know how we can help you with loss. If you live in Kelowna, call us at 604-305-0104 to book an appointment today.

Our Experienced Kelowna Trauma Counsellors