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Grief & Loss Counselling Vancouver

Get in-person or online counselling — Feeling Down? Struggling to Cope? We Can Help You Navigate Through Loss and Heal The Grieving Heart.

We are highly committed to your emotional health and personal growth. Our Downtown Vancouver counselling practice continues to expand each year because of our dedication to service and the personalized treatment of our clients. - Pareen Sehat MC, RCC

We are grief therapists in Vancouver - empowering you to find hope.

Feeling Down? Struggling to Cope? We Can Help You Navigate Through Loss and Heal The Grieving Heart

Grief is a burden that is difficult to bear.

Well Beings Counselling offers one-on-one professional grief counselling for adults and teens. In addition, individual, couple and family counselling sessions are available by appointment.

Sessions are designed to help clients discover healthy ways to express their grief and offer coping skills that will help them navigate through their unique grief experiences.

People Just Don’t Understand Your Struggles

We will all know loss at some point in our lives; grief happens.

Whether it’s the classic type associated with loss or a more complicated version, we will all experience the altered landscape of grief.

Those experiencing grief can feel a range of emotions like guilt, anger, confusion, regret, and sometimes relief.

Connecting with those feelings is a reminder that the losses we’ve endured are profound.

Our therapists can help unpack all of the complicated feelings associated with grief, to both honour the loss and navigate a new horizon.

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Your Grief May Be Caused By Many Factors

Signs and syptoms of issues from grief and loss.

As counsellors in Vancouver, we can help you overcome symptoms

Regardless of its Cause, Grief & Loss Counselling Can Help

You may doubt whether therapy will help you overcome grief…

Skepticism is understandable – especially if you’ve not been able to get relief in the past.

It can feel hopeless.

And yet – I encourage you to not give up hope…

It is Possible to Reduce - and Even Heal From Grief and Loss

With the therapy methods we use – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR, and Lifespan Integration you can alleviate most, if not all, of your symptoms of worry, fear, and angst.

As therapists, We’re passionate about helping people like you get relief from the stress and strain of living with grief.

Our compassion, training, and skills will help you have a calmer and more fulfilling life.

Regardless of who you are or the struggles you’re having, We can help you get your life back.

You can tell us your struggles and we’ll let you know how we can help you with loss. If you live in Vancouver, call us at 604-305-0104 to book an appointment today.

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