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Lifespan Integration Therapy

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What is Lifespan Integration© (LI)

Developed in 2002 by Peggy Pace

Lifespan Integration© (LI), a gentle, body-based method of therapy, helps people in treatment access their inner child by using memory recall and imagery to resolve repressed trauma and promote healing.

There are many different LI protocols. Some heal birth trauma and other pre-verbal trauma, and others heal attachment deficits which may have occurred during specific stages of development.

All protocols include repetitions of a Time Line of memories and images. Looking at repetitions of one’s ‘life review’ both integrates past experience and proves to the client’s body-mind system that time has passed.

If a client’s present problem is caused or informed by a past experience, the LI standard protocol can be used to guide the client to imagine revisiting the past experience, bringing into the past whatever is needed to resolve the memory.

During Lifespan Integration clients produce and watch ‘movies’ of their lives.


In Lifespan Integration therapy, clients watch their lives unfold from many different angles.

Different themes emerge, which often lead to new insights. These ‘movies’ are spontaneously generated by clients’ unconscious minds. By watching a movie of their life, clients can see how their past continues to impact their behavior and choices.

The client will see the protocol in a different way each time. LI works well even with people who have trouble remembering their pasts. Memory gaps in Lifespan Integration therapy vanish overtime and clients are able to connect the pieces of their lives into a coherent whole.

Benefits of Lifespan Integration Therapy

LI can help people in several ways, including:

  • Improving their self-esteem
  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Improving their relationships
  • Developing healthier coping mechanisms

Limitations of Lifespan Integration Therapy

LI is a relatively new therapy, and more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness. However, there is some preliminary evidence to suggest that LI can be an effective treatment for a variety of mental health conditions

Overcome these conditions with Lifespan Integration

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