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Karmeena Binning

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Karmeena Binning, RCC

Karmeena Binning RCC Counsellor

Karmeena graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology degree with a minor in Counselling and Human Development and a Master of Arts in Clinical Counselling Psychology. Her areas of interest within the field have come from a previous life and professional experience. Her heavy involvement in team activities and sports significantly influenced her drive to become a counsellor.

Through these experiences, she developed characteristics such as empathy and understanding. Given the diverse population, she has learned to adapt and change how she works with everyone, unique to their needs. 

Her interests in the field include and are not limited to the use of CBT for individuals with a specific interest in post-traumatic stress disorder. She has worked with individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma & grief, relationships, and personal development. Karmeena is always looking to expand her knowledge and deepen her skill set in working with all individuals. 

Outside of work, Karmeena spends her time exploring the outdoors, where she enjoys local hikes, camping and snowboarding. 

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Understanding Firefighter Culture & Trauma