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Andrei Reznikov

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We are highly committed to your emotional health and personal growth. Our Toronto Counselling practice continues to expand each year because of our dedication to service and the personalized treatment of our clients.

Andrei Reznikov, RP (Qualifying)

andrei reznikov

“Blending together Eastern and Western philosophies, Andrei believes that through developing one’s capacity for self-awareness, individuals can tap into their self-healing capabilities and restore their functionality and enjoyment of life.”

Offering sessions in Russian and English, Andrei believes everyone has an innate capacity to self-heal. Given the right environment, this capacity can be summoned to help process trauma and change.

Andrei’s approach works as a mental toolbox by offering a supportive and safe space. Each client is provided with a unique set of tools to explore their capacity for self-awareness and to create strategies that can be used to restore functionality and motivation to live life to its fullest. Informed by his personal experiences of immigration, Andrei is passionate about culturally sensitive work and pays special attention to an individual’s unique life journey and personal growth experience.

Andrei’s areas of focus include any relational issues – be that the relationship the client has with themselves or with another person, or perhaps with their romantic or sexual partner; psychological and physical traumas – things that may hold one back from achieving their full potential, regardless if recent or from the past; and difficult life transitions and decisions – clients have described Andrei as a “personal sounding board” and as a “catalyst” for change.

His past academic and professional experiences make him uniquely equipped to work with young professionals and individuals who are completing their education or launching their careers.

Having migrated through Eastern Europe, Israel, and Polynesia before finally settling in North America, Andrei employs a unique blend of the collectivistic, Eastern philosophy and family values, combining it with his Western education and training. While working with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy foundation, Andrei uses traditional cognitive behavioural strategies in combination with elements of Narrative and Solution Focused Therapies. He is particularly attentive to the session format, working on blending the more structured CBT interventions with a flexible, client-centred approach.

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